Phytosanitary/veterinary clearances

Phytosanitary/veterinary clearances

Do you want to import plants or plant products into the European Union? When importing into the EU, certain plants and plant products are subject to phytosanitary controls. Importing veterinary products and plant products is linked to possible health risks for people and animals in the importing country. With this provision, the risk of introducing or spreading harmful organisms is kept as low as possible. A range of conditions must be met when importing phytosanitary goods which are subject to controls. A consignment which is subject to controls must, for example, be accompanied by a valid phytosanitary certificate. A phytosanitary certificate is issued by the authorities responsible for agriculture in the exporting country.When it comes to phytosanitary and veterinary customs clearances, specialist knowledge is particularly important. Our customs experts arrange phytosanitary and veterinary customs clearances for you at every possible import destination in Germany. We take care of both the CVED (Common Veterinary Entry Document) and the CED (Common Entry Document). We provide you with professional customs clearances at all the entry points within the European Union customs territory.

We provide you with the NCTS transit documents, also known as T1 and T2 documents. The NCTS is a system that has been in use across Europe since 2005. No import duties are payable at the border. The goods can be declared at the desired location. Take advantage of the benefits of this convenient customs transit system with us! The formalities at the border are made simpler. You don’t need to wait at customs offices, as we take care of the declaration for you electronically.

For the interim storage of goods – free of import duties during transit or importation – you require a customs warehouse. Bonded warehouses are approved by customs and monitored by them. Speak to us about the options. Are you importing goods from China, for example, and you want more information? With an open customs warehouse you retain your liquidity. Customs duties are only payable if the goods are sold and leave the warehouse.

Do you need help with customs clearances? All goods which you are exporting to a non-EU country must first clear customs. Do you want to export goods to Ghana? Then you are obligated to submit an electronic export declaration. Our experts take care of this declaration for you and also compile all the required documentation. The data in this export declaration is transferred to the German customs system, ATLAS.

Are you looking for professional, complete customs clearances for your exports? Do you want to export goods to Israel and you require the corresponding customs clearances? We take care of all the necessary customs formalities and customs declarations using the export declaration form AES/EAD. The entire process of export customs clearances is handled for you by our customs experts. Contact us for more information!

We are one of the shareholders of Zoll Pool Hafen Hamburg AG. Therefore we have available a considerable bond, which enables us to open customs shipping procedure from every European port and airport. Zoll Pool Hafen Hamburg AG was founded in 2006 and provides their shareholders with customs bonds for their import containers. With this small to mid-sized enterprises are able to operate like big companies in the field of customs. With a customs bond of 33,33 Million Euro a customs clearance volume of more than 130 Million Euro merchandise value per week can be handled.

When importing into the European Union particular plants or crop products are herbal health supervised. Importing veterinary products or crop products could be a health hazard risk for humans and animals in the importing country. With this scheme of supervising these imports, the risk of implanting harmful organisms is extremely reduced. Phytosanitary documents, accompanying the consignment, are issued by competent authorities from the exporting country.